Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love - Review sinopsis

The film takes place in Bali in starring Julia Roberts. Lifted from the novel by Elizabeth Gilbert which tells about the author's personal experience is set in three places, namely Italy, India and Bali. The film is scheduled to be released in 2011 was produced by actor Brad Pitt, one of the places where filming is located in Ubud Bali.

Entering the age of thirty years Gibert has received all required by a modern American woman. Besides a husband and a house, an ambitious and erudite Gilbert also had a brilliant career.

However, instead of happy, she became frantic, sad, and indecisive approach to life. Gilbert felt the pain of divorce, depression, failure in love and lose grip of his life.

To recover himself, Gilbert took a pretty extreme step. He left the job and the people who loved to perform adventures alone around the world.

For a woman to look attractive, the journey itself is obviously exciting adventure. Meal, prayer, and love is a record of events in the months that her identity quest.

In his adventures, the Gilbert set a goal to three different places. In every country, he examines aspects of life with the cultural background of each.

Italy became the first destination. In this beautiful country, Gilbert learned to enjoy life and art of the Italian language. He also spit their appetite by eating Italian cuisine delicious. Naturally, if later her weight had increased 12 pounds.

From Italy, Gilbert heading for India. In this country he learned the art of devotion or surrender in a Hindu ashram, or hermitage. He spent four months to explore the spiritual side.

Finally, Bali became its final destination. On this island mature woman found her life purpose, namely a balanced life between worldly joy and inner peace.

He became a disciple of Ketut Liyer who is also a painter and clairvoyant readings by hand line. Gilbert is also friends with Nyoman, Balinese traditional herbalist.

And most importantly, in Bali, Gilbert already apathetic and feeling will never again be in touch romantic with any man, ended up finding true love back to yourself Felipe, the Brazilian middle-aged man who is much older than him.

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